Is this application safe?

TL;DR: First of all, safe from what aspect, bruv? Considering that you are asking this, probably not.

Is this application safe for my computer?

TL;DR: Yes, but not really. Safe enough to put a 99.99% safety guarantee on it, air commercials of it, and not get sued on the grounds of false advertisement.

No software is ever safe, and there will never be. Unless if we, for some mysterious and divine reason, gain the ability to prove if a program halts or not, which in this universe is impossible (relevant link: Halting problem).

Enough of explaining the philosophical implications of this problematic question, and let us go to the real meat of the discussion. No, I can not assure you, as the developer of this application, that this application is safe. It is like asking if I poisoned your food; regardless of if I did it or not, I will dutifully deny the allegation, duh. Inquired you did, now trust me. Make of that what you will, but I am here to chase clout and make money out of it, not to compromise machines.

Well, with all that said, I also made it for personal use. And for that, I have to make it at the very least usable to the extent that it would not compromise the host machine that it is running on.

Don't trust me? The application is open-sourced. Every packaged application downloaded from the official site and Github repository is built from the same source as available on the official Github repository. If you know how to read the source code, you are free to do so, and inspect it. If you did do so, please hunt down some bugs for me. Much appreciated UwU

To end this answer, well... I mean, you could run the thing on a virus checker. Although, what might be an innocuous yet insecure system API call might be flagged as a suspicious activity. Not that I am aware of anything of that sort in my application, but I think that that will suffice as an example.

What are your intentions in making this application?

TL;DR: It's a hobby of mine. It is not driven by money or ill intentions. Inquired you did, now trust me.

This started out as a hobby project. To pass time, and live out the rest of my days as a virgin NEET and a total social recluse. Assuming that you can see this site right now, it has grew into this large and popular project that it has become.

My intentions however are still the same as it was months ago. However, I have a side goal in mind right now: to attain popularity in the open source scene, enough to get me enough freelancing work and earn money.

Yes, that is it, really. I am in it for the money, but the development of this application is but money-driven. I mean, I would very much appreciate it if you could donate money or a little bit of your time to this little endeavour of mine, or commission me to do some work for you.

Who are you?

TL;DR: That's a creepy thing to ask dude, I'm a teenager. \s

Hello, I am whi_ne, short for whitespace_negative. 17 at the time of writing. I am a python and a web developer, albeit shitty at both of them. I also do some freelance work. Nice to meet ya!

Yes, I use an alias; personal branding is dead. I also want to stay anonymous. However, my pics on multiple guys' DMs suggests otherwise. And yes, please do not dig up dirt on me, I will let you know everything there is to know about me.